The Invasion

Our first game released on was The Invasion, our submission for the Kenney Jam 2018.

Created using Construct 3, the premise of the game was that monsters had appeared throughout history, and the player has to traverse different levels and eliminate all the monsters in a level to progress. 

While our submission is a short, 3 level game, there is potential to expand and create a much larger game. This is an ongoing project for Allus, but for now you can find The Invasion available for download for Mac and Windows​​​​​​​ on here.
The Labours of Heracles (demo)

A demo of our recent game 'The Labours of Heracles' is available for download on Windows from our page here

This game is our submission to the Greek Mytholojam 2018, and centers around the Greek Hero Heracles, as he performs 12 labours as penance for crimes he committed. The demo covers the first two labours, so anyone educated in the greek myths knows just what to expect.

Created in RPG Maker MV, The Labours of Heracles is built in a style reminiscent of older Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games. And please note: while the game attempts to stay faithful to the myths of Heracles, obviously these myths have had many re-tellings over the years.  This is our interpretation of those myths, with all sorts of extras added in to provide a more entertaining storyline.

Work is still progressing on the full version of this game, which will include all 12 labours and many little side quests to tempt the player away into the wilderness of Ancient Greece.

Regular updates will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so be sure to follow us!
The Trials Of Khione

The Trials of Khione is a short, linear RPG made in RPG Maker MV. It was created over a period of 48 hours for the Moray Game Jam 2019.

You play as Khione, the Greek Goddess of Snow and Ice. Stripped of her godly powers, Khione has been cast down to Earth by her father Boreas, The God of the North Wind.

As Khione, it is up to you to adventure across Ancient Greece, completing a series of trials. By completing these trials will you have any hope of regaining your godliness and return to Olympus.

You can download The Trials of Khione for Windows and MacOS here.
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