The first ever Game Jam Allus entered was the Kenney Jam. Taking place over a weekend in August 2018 and hosted over, the aim of the Jam was to create any kind of game conceivable, as long as it followed the theme of the Jam, which was Time Travel, and the game only used assets created by Kenney.
My entry was a small 2D platformer called The Invasion, created using Construct 3. The premise of the game was that monsters had appeared throughout history, and the player has to traverse different levels and eliminate all the monsters in a level to progress. 

My submission is only a short, 5 minute game, but potential to take the game further is there. For now though, The Invasion is available on here to download for Mac and Windows​​​​​​​.

The Greek Mytholojam 2018 is a two month long game jam, running from the 1st September to 2nd November 2018. However, due to other commitments, I did not join the jam until October. While an idea has already been fleshed out, work on my actual submission did not begin until mid-October.

The theme of the jam was Ancient Greece, with an optional theme of the muses (The Greek goddesses of the Arts). My game is centered around the greatest of the Ancient Greek heroes, Heracles (more commonly known by his Roman name, Hercules) and the famous myth around the labours he has to perform for a cruel king. Called 'The Labours of Heracles', my submission was developed using RPG Maker MV.

The initial submission was a 'demo' of sorts. Gameplay resolves around the first two labours Heracles performs.You can download this demo for here, on our page.

The Moray Game Jam 2019 ran over the weekend of Friday 15th March 2019. Beginning at 12 noon on Friday and ending at 12 noon on Sunday, all participants had 48 hours to create either a digital game or a board game. Each year the MGJ has a theme set, which all games must adhere to. This year the theme was 'seeing is believing'. 

Deciding ahead of the game jam to use RPG Maker MV, a game engine I enjoy using immensely, it was obvious I was going to create a top-down, JRPG style game. I began working on my game using half an idea, I just wanted to run with it and see where it went.

However, late into Friday night, I scrapped the game I was working on, as the connection to the theme was flimsy at best. So Early Saturday morning I began anew, with a whole new idea. 

This idea led to the creation of The Trials of Khione, a small, linear RPG with the Greek Goddess of Snow, Khione, as the main character. There has been a small delay with publishing this game, however I hope to have a page on itch for it within the next day or two. As soon as the game is published, there will be a link here and on my twitter account, @InteractAllus01
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