The Space Tour

The Space Tour is an interactive application for Android. Created as part of Reece's HND Interactive Media course, The Space Tour is targeted towards small children, ages 4-9, and teaches them about our Solar System. An intuitive UI system allows the user to navigate through the Solar System, clicking on the different planets and learning some information about them. 

Once the user has traversed the Solar System and learnt about the planets, they can partake in a small, 10 question quiz to test their newfound knowledge. Answer all 10 questions right, and a bonus option will appear in the main menu.

The Space Tour also includes 12 different achievements that the player can unlock. Most are for progressing through the app, with one or two that require something more. While currently unreleased, Allus Interactive plans to release this app through the Google Play Store at some point in the near future.
The Space Tour Title Screen

The Space Tour Title Screen

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